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We do hope that our website will be interesting to all fanciers of domestic animals, and especially to dog and cat owners, as they will find comprehensive information on breeds, feeding, on diseases and treatment methods, on raising  and training methodology,  on animal psychology, as well as on animal breeding and treatment.  

 "QUERCUS" veterinary  clinic conducts surgeries of any difficulty on the highest professional level (reduction, vaccination, therapy, cosmetic surgeries, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedic surgeries, traumatology, haircut/trimming, as well as chipping). The clinic also provides services on animal care (bathing, trimming and haircut).

Moreover, in-service hotel is operating at our clinic where you can with no concern and peaceful conscience leave your canine friends.

In our shop you can choose necessary accessories, medicine, treatment and feeding means from leading producers for your home pets.

Our professional cynologist will help with your dog training.

You can also place an advertisement on purchase or selling dogs, cats and other domestic animals.